It’s fun to make memories with your child. Down the road, you’ll be able to think back and reflect on the cherished moments you shared and flash a smile as you reminisce about the innocence of that specific point in time. 


 Teachable moments are equally as important and aren’t something to take for granted – especially when you have the opportunity to turn them into positive memories. 


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month; with that, the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center believe that developing oral health habits and regularly visiting the dentist helps kids to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. 


One opportunity for this is establishing good oral habits with your child at a young age. Yes, you can make this fun! Find out how to get the most of these moments below. 


For starters, you can make it fun in a lot of ways. From dancing, storytelling, positive reinforcement to apps and more, you have the chance to make some pretty great memories with your little one while teaching them the ropes of oral health. 


Check out this infographic below for more details on how you can make it fun:

Make brushing teeth fun



There’s both a right and wrong way to brush your teeth, which includes how often you should do it and kind of toothbrush even to use. We have the answers to your questions – Brush your teeth twice every day, and keep in mind that it is crucial to brush your teeth before bed to get rid of any germs and plaque that builds throughout the day.


What kind of toothbrush is the best? A soft-bristled brush will do the trick. Do encourage your child to be gentle when brushing their teeth. 


It’s also valuable to use proper technique when brushing your teeth. Make sure to brush in circular motions to reduce plaque and gum disease from accumulating. Don’t forget to brush your tongue!



Did you know that flossing is equally as crucial as brushing? Floss helps to reduce plaque and lower inflammation around your gums. Floss and mouthwash both help reach bacteria that your toothbrush can’t do alone. 


Fluoride mouthwash helps in three ways:

  1. Reduces the amount of acid in the mouth
  2. Cleans hard-to-brush areas around the gums
  3. Remineralize the teeth 



Be mindful of the foods and drinks your child consumes as well – it can affect their oral health care. Fruits and vegetables are a safer option. Be sure to limit foods and drinks higher in sugar and acidity. A more elevated sugar and acidic intake more easily wear down enamel and can cause more cavities. 



We recommend that you see your dentist twice a year for your best overall oral health. The Landing Dental Spa conducts dental exams and cleanings to help patients minimize the risk of cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, gingivitis and periodontitis. 


We believe it is especially important for children to take part in preventive dentistry



Practicing good oral health habits with your child can go a long way. Give them the chance to develop a lifelong habit that creates a beautiful smile – so you can one day smile in return! 


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