Getting dentures, at any age, is a big decision for the individual doing so. At The Landing Dental Spa, we acknowledge this and we want you to feel confident about your smile. That’s why we want to make your denture journey as smooth as possible from beginning to end. 


Continue reading to learn what you should expect when getting dentures. 



There are a couple of denture types you could get, including partial dentures and complete dentures. 


    • Partial dentures are a removable denture that consists of replacement teeth that are attached to gum-colored plastic.
    • Complete dentures are made after all teeth have been removed, and the gums have begun to heal, typically eight to 12 weeks after the removal procedure.

 After a complete examination and conversation about your dental health goals, your provider will discuss with you what type of dentures you need. 



After receiving your dental examination and speaking with your dentist, the necessary steps for getting your dentures would include: 


    1. Your dentist will make multiple impressions of your jaw, as well as take measurements. These measures will help your dentist determine how much space is between your jaw. 
    2. Then, a model will be made of your jaw so that you can try it and determine the shape and fit. 
    3. After you’ve had your model dentures adjusted, your final set will be created. 
    4. Lastly, your dentist will make any adjustments necessary.


It may take a couple of weeks before you are entirely comfortable wearing your dentures. Expect an adjustment period, and remember, it is normal. 


While you may not think you need to brush your teeth, it is still crucial for you to properly clean your dentures. You should do this every night, and it’s as simple as three easy steps. 


    1. Remove your dentures before you go to sleep. 
    2. Soak your dentures in a cleaning solution for three to five minutes and then rinse them. 
    3. Lastly, it is still recommended that you brush your dentures and the inside of your mouth with a soft toothbrush once per day and rinse them. 

Please remember, while you are not wearing your dentures, you should store them in a soft, dry place like a denture’s container. 



When you get dentures, you may find issues with them, such as:


    • Irritation to your gums
    • Eating and speaking like you would do normally
    • Loose-fitting dentures 

If you have trouble eating, we recommend starting with soft foods and incorporating more solid foods into your diet once you are comfortable. If you are experiencing difficulty speaking, we recommend trying to talk at a slower pace until you are satisfied with your dentures’ feel.  


If you are experiencing irritation with your gums or mouth, you should speak with your dentist about this issue so that you know what is precisely irritating your mouth. Additionally, if you are experiencing problems like a “loose-fit” feeling, it’s okay to request an appointment to discuss what can be done. Your comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed because of your dentures. 


Lastly, always remember that if your dentures feel uncomfortable or these issues aren’t clearing up, it’s essential to speak with your dentist so that they can find a solution. 



Your dental journey with The Landing Dental Spa starts today, and we’re happy to assist you with any questions that you have. From finding dentures that fit your needs and goals to making any adjustments after, we are here to help you finally feel comfortable with your smile. Give us a call at 304-594-2200 to speak with our dentists today.