The American Dental Associate (ADA) Council on Advocacy for Access and Prevention and the Council on Scientific Affairs encourage patient education about the benefits of mouth guard use. Additionally, these are ADA Seal of Acceptance products and provide scientific proof of demonstrating safety and efficacy. 


What are some benefits of using a mouth guard? Continue reading below to find out along with how The Landing Dental Spa can supply you with your own. 



Occlusal guards are removable mouth guards that help prevent wear and tear on your teeth during the night. There are specific standards that ADA sets for an ideal mouth guard. It should:


  • Fit appropriately to the wearer’s mouth as well as to adapt to their oral structures.
  • Be made from resilient material approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Cover all teeth on one arch.
  • Comfortably and securely stay in place.
  • Be easy to clean. 
  • Maintain high-impact energy absorption.
  • Reduce transmitted forces when the wearer faces an impact if participating in sports or physical activity. 


Types of Mouth Guards

The type of mouth guard you may need can be best recommended by your dentist or healthcare professional. There are three main types, each to fit the needs of the person requiring one. 

  • Mouth Guard - Landing Dental SpaCustom-Made: Visit your dentist to get a custom-made mouth guard that molds to your teeth. It is correctly structured for your mouth and provides the best fit, which in turn can be more comfortable. 
  • Stock: Stock mouth guards are regularly available and affordable. They come in all sizes and fit over your teeth. Most only cover the top of your teeth. Frequently, this option can be uncomfortable and might not fit properly. 
  • Boil and Bite: Also an inexpensive option and found in most drugstores, boil and bite mouth guards fit custom to your teeth. You would boil the mouth guard until it softens and then places it over your front teeth then bit down. This option can give you a better fit compared to stock mouth guards if you follow instructions.  


Mouth guards serve multiple purposes for individuals and are most effective when worn as instructed.  

  • Sports: Dental injuries are common and recognized by the ADA. They prove to reduce the risk of dental sports injuries. Mouth guards promote safety and oral healthcare to those who participate in sports, including, but not limited to, basketball, hockey, wrestling, volleyball and more.
  • Teeth Grinding: A chipped tooth is a sign that you are grinding your teeth when sleeping. This puts unnecessary pressure on the enamel of your teeth. Chronic grinding can occur if you do not get this fixed or seen by a dentist. 
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD): This condition occurs when the muscles around your jaw are inflamed, which happens from clenching your teeth together along with grinding them. A mouth guard can assist with this disorder through the prevention of teeth clenching and grinding. 
  • Taking Antidepressants: In 2012, a study of Clinics discovered paroxetine, the main ingredient in antidepressants, causes teeth grinding at night. Contact your dentist if you are experiencing pain or discomfort and need a mouth guard to protect your teeth against side effects.  
  • Sleep Apnea: This sleeping disorder, sleep apnea, causes a person to stop breathing while sleeping temporarily. It can be helped if the person wears a mouth guard. It works by pushing their lower jaw and tongue forward and keeping their airway open. 
  • Snoring: A person can reduce their snoring through the use of a mouth guard. Snoring happens through the vibrations of soft tissue in one’s upper airway. Similar functionality to sleep apnea, the mouth guard works to keep your airway open. 


By going to your dentist for a mouth guard, you are making the most beneficial and useful investment towards fixing oral discomfort. While they can be a more expensive option, getting a custom-fit mouth guard is a sure-fire way of knowing you will receive the best care for the best price with comfort and efficiency. 


Don’t settle for pain or discomfort. Contact your dentist today to speak with them about the possibilities of getting a custom fit mouth guard for you. We are here to ensure you reach the top oral healthcare in the area, so at The Landing Dental Spa, we will recommend the best-personalized treatment for your condition.

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